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Installation of a 12V / 25A socket in Volkwagen T4 Camping Van

My radio needs some 20A when operating full power. Commonly there is no such power socket available in cars or camping vans. Thus I needed to install one. The cigarette lighter socket is not suitable for this purpose, it usually delivers around 6A. There are two batteries for the "living area" in the back of the van (VW T4 California Tour, 1994 model). The circuit is independent of the main battery circuit, but is charged through the lighting set. Installing the new socket somewhere in the living area turned out to take too much effort. Therefore we installed it right next to the batteries. With open tailgate you have direct access to the socket. When the tailgate is closed the socket still can be used, however, the cables are bended somewhat. I wonder whether there are banana angle entry-plugs, I have not yet seen some. These certainly would fit better.

The photos are quite self-explanatory. A common drill is sufficient for the banana sockets. For the fuse carrier we used a milling drill. Inside the battery case we were leading the cable via a cable bearer down to the batteries.

The left photo shows the first functioning test of the socket. My radio was operating full power into a dummy load RD 010/50 (Rhode & Schwarz, gray tall case). I thank Bernd, the van owner, for allowing the installation of the socket. In return he now has a nice "power socket" which can be used for a 12V compressor or a power search light.

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First practice test at my home QTH Uelsen. The station is set up in the back of the camping mobile.

The photo is showing my dad listening to a 80m QSO.

All photos are dated July 2005.