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Stefan Freinatis • Duisburg • Uelsen

Welcome to my amateur radio page. I am licenced since 1978 (call DD8BF), one year later I received my final call sign DL6BZ. At the beginning of the 80ies I used to be very active on 2m using my FT 225RD. A break of about 25 years followed. Not earlier than 2005 I bought my first short wave transceiver (FT-897).

The photo to the right shows my Versatower BP40 in my home QTH Uelsen (County of Bentheim). The tower is in lowered state. The top antenna used to be a Veron beam for the 2m-band once, the J-antenna broke off a decade ago. The lower antenna was a vertical 2m antenna. The antennas are mounted there since 1979. I carry out a long-run test, testing the durability of my antennas as well as chlorophyll-based stacked-antenna matching ...

I am a member of the DARC (German Amateur Radio Club), local sub division I43 (division "Niedergrafschaft"). Owing to unfortunate antenna conditions in my working QTH (Duisburg, inner city, ground floor), I am QRV only portable now and then. Below is shown my FT-897 on top of the MT 3000A matching network during an outdoor operation in June 2006 in the county of Bentheim. The yellow thing on top of the power supply is no mobile phone but is my Garmin Etrex GPS device for indicating the current QTH-Locator (Maidenhead position scheme). The antenna is a vertical loop mounted on a glas fibre construction.

Portable stationAntenna by Walther Spieth (Quick Loop)

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