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Maycom MA-440 (Magnification click here)

Clear Memory — Maycom MA-440


The user's manual of the 70cm amateur radio Maycom MA-440 is kept quite meager. It does explain how to set the 30 memories, but it does not explain how to delete a particular memory. By coincidence I found how to do.

In the following example, Memory 11 shall be cleared.


Step 1: Call the Memory to be cleared.

Starting Position
Figure 1: Memory 11, about to be cleared

Step 2: Press the keys [FUNC] and [MR], which has the meaning of Memory Write (MW). The Memory inidcator starts blinking.

Step 3: Press the keys [FUNC] and [MO] for at least 1 second. Usually this key combination has the meaning of REV, but obviously in this situation it seems to clear the current memory. In any case, Memory 11 is now cleared.

Cleared Memory
Figure 2: Cleared Memory 11

Stefan Freinatis, DL6BZ, 4.08.2003